Okay, but like—

What if when Bucky comes back, instead of Steve having to protect and kind of gently usher Bucky back into the world, Bucky leaps right back into protecting Steve.

Tony calls Steve “spangly” one too many times and Bucky uncurls his fingers real slow and says “My arm’s pretty spangly now too, Stark, whatsit to you?”

Thor and Steve spar and Bucky is so horrified when he happens upon them beating the crap out of each other that he plucks Mjolnir from where Thor’s tossed it and he points it at Steve accusatorily and is like, “A hammer? You’re letting hammers beat on you now? Over my dead body, pal—”  and he’s the only one who doesn’t get it that he just picked up Mjolnir holy shit because he’s so busy waving Mjolnir around and lecturing Steve

Fox News calls Steve an anti-patriot one too many times so Bucky makes Natasha help him hack their Facebook page and leave hundreds of vaguely threatening messages which are ostensibly from different people except all of them have the same profile picture which is just the Cap star painted on a bionic fucking arm as a symbol of undying loyalty

Bucky keeps beating up villains before Steve can even get to them, like at this point even Doom has noticed so he tries to avoid even looking at Steve because that’d pretty much guarantee getting a couple of his nicest Doombots ripped the fuck apart without any ceremony at all and Steve wouldn’t mind except last battle against the Wrecking Crew, Bucky was benched because he had hurt himself and even then he managed to co-op the comms with helpful “suggestions” that were actually thinly veiled orders to flank Steve instead of, you know, fight the bad guy

The Quinjet gets retrofitted with a “Cap-net” because Bucky is fed up with Steve jumping out of fucking planes

Just—give me all the “Bucky, I’m 95 not nine” and “Well if you’re so fucking old, stop acting like a kid, wear a goddamned coat in the rain, Steve—“


Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011




Chris and Sebastian dancing [x] [xI demand this to happen in Captain America 3

Just in case your crushes are getting out of hand.

Friends, this is the post that finally broke Nat. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, tumblr. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.